Redesigning The Parking Professional

Signature magazine (Association Media and Publishing) asked all gold Excel award winners to submit a blurb about the project for which they won the award. This is what the designers for The Parking Professional said.

BonoTom Studio had fun with this project, largely because we felt an instant camaraderie with our main contacts at the International Parking Institute-Henry Wallmeyer, deputy director and Kim Fernandez, editor. We suspect the feeling was mutual.

At first we thought the subject matter might be a bit of a challenge. It's easy to dismiss parking as boring or irrelevant. But there was so much beauty in the provided pictures. And the articles were about things to do with our lives, with everyone's lives. The research that we did into parking inspired us and we wanted other people to be able to see this magazine the way we did. So we worked on it. . . for months. For months everyone put daily hours, and weekly days into designing pages, nameplates, little details on folios and sweeping ideas for overall themes. When something was good enough to share, you pinned in on the wall-sized chartreuse corkboard that dominates the studio. And discussion ensued.

We work flexible schedules at BonoTom-one of our art directors works until 7 or 8 at night. I would come in at 6 or 7 in the morning and see his ideas on the board for review and would want to incorporate them, or steal them to put into something with which I working. It was weeks of coming in and being jealous of my coworkers' skills. That's about the most diverting work I can think of.

At the end of process my work had the most influence on the final design. That's not unique. I think most work has a lead influence. What was unique was that the whole studio worked on this project, inspired each other daily with it, and created the magazine that The Parking Professional  deserved-and man, did we have fun doing it.

Abigail Noonan
Art Director, Parking Professional