Parking Safety Matters

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Preventing Heatstroke Deaths in Parked Cars


Public Service Ad "5 Ways You Can Save a Child from Dying in a Hot Parked Car This Summer" (PDF)

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Fact Sheet on Children Dying in Hot Parked Cars of Heatstroke (PDF)

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Combined Public Service Ad and Heatstroke Fact Sheet (PDF)

Latest statistics on fatalities in 2014 by state, and with circumstances, can be found here.

Share this public service message in your community. Download this camera-ready ad/flyer in a version you can customize with your own logo here.

jan_nullSpecial thanks to Jan Null, CCM, Golden Gate Weather Services. Find more information and statistics (including incidences by state) about children dying from heatstrokes in parked vehicles on Null's website:


Parking Safety for Teens

How to Park: The Parking Safety Manuel for Teens

IPI has teamed with AAA Mid-Atlantic and the Mid-Atlantic Safety and Education Foundation, affiliated with AAA, to publish a smart, fun, informative, and valuable booklet that educates teen drivers about parking. "How to Park" is packed with useful information designed to boost parking maneuvering skills along with insights to encourage greater respect for parking enforcement, and it concludes with a suggestion that high schoolers consider careers in parking!

Download the manual (PDF)

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