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Parking Matters® is IPI's industry-wide program for advancing the parking profession through a pro-active, integrated public relations and marketing program.

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Parking Matters® is the International Parking Institute's industry-wide program for advancing the parking profession. The program is designed to generate greater awareness of the vital role parking and parking professionals play in transportation, economic development and revitalization, traffic flow, college and university life, hospitality, commercial and residential real estate, sport and entertainment venues, retail, security, law enforcement - and more. Read more about why Parking Matters®.

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Parking Matters® examples of positive media coverage that is helping to change perceptions of parking:

Parking Upgrades: Airports Embrace Technology to Enhance Customer Service, Fight Competition
Airport Revenue News

7 Parking Garages Your Car Will Love

Best Practices for Parking Security
Buildings Magazine

The Greening of the Parking Industry--Best Practices, and a New Certification Program for Parking Structures
Journal of Green Building

7 Secrets to Scoring a Plum Parking Spot
Wall Street Journal Market Watch

Seven Tips to Put You in the Best Holiday Parking Spot

Mobile Apps Transforming the Future of Parking

Innovative Sustainable Parking Designs -in pictures
The Guardian

One Woman's Quest to Design Parking Lots People Don't Hate
Atlantic CityLab

"Future of Parking" segment of Extreme Parking (video)
Travel Channel

Can Parking Help Save Paradise?
The Huffington Post

"The IPI Awards of Excellence - A Revolution in Parking Facility Design?"
The Network Magazine

"The World's First Certified Green Garage Could Be in Texas"
The Network Magazine

"Mobile apps transforming the future of parking"

"New Research Reveals Local Government Officials Need to Get Up to Speed on Parking"
Government Technology

"Why Smart Parking is a Cornerstone of Smart Cities"

"International Parking Institute Names Best New Parking Structures"
Building Design + Construction

'LEED for Garage Parking Launched'
Environmental Leader:

"New Green Parking Certification Launches"

"Green Parking Garage Certification Now Available"
Green Building Elements

"Reinventing the Wheels? Parking Convention…"
WFAA, the ABC-TV affiliate, Dallas, Texas

Secret Weapon in Mall Battle:  Parking Apps
New York Times

Choosing the Right Parking Option
Mass Transit Magazine

That's My Space! Airports embrace reserved parking for customers…
Airport Magazine

From Eyesore to Icon: Elegant and Exciting, Yes, A Few New Parking Garages are Going in that Direction
Planning Magazine

On air in Toronto:  Business radio news feature on how technology is making parking easier on Toronto news radio station

Casey Jones and IPI featured in the Future of Parking, part 3 of Travel Channel's Extreme Parking series

[NPR Audio] Parking Industry Tries To Make Your Life Easier (interview from the 2013 IPI Conference & Expo)

The parking revolution: Profiting from new technology and management approaches
American City and County

KTXL Sacramento "Don't Be That Guy: The Inconsiderate Parker" featuring interview with IPI's Wanda Brown

4 Parking Security Essentials - Buildings Magazine

TV News Video - The List Show: Holiday Parking Tips to Relieve Stress

Top-to-bottom improvements are paving the way for a greener parking future
Government Buyer Magazine

KTVK-ABC 6 Affiliate in Phoenix reports on IPI 2012 Conference & Expo

New York Times Video on Parking Meter Technology (advance to 8:15 on time stamp)

Parking is Big Business, and Getting Bigger
New York Daily News

Parking technology interview with Casey Jones, CAPP, on

Survey reveals emerging trends in parking
Building Design & Construction

The Future of Parking
Houston Tomorrow

KPNX-TV NBC Affiliate Phoenix reports on IPI 2012 Conference & Expo

KPHO-TV CBS Affiliate Phoenix reports on IPI 2012 Conference & Expo

Getting Charged Up
BOMA Magazine

Green Parking is a Reality: New Approaches to Parking and Transportation are Contributing to Campus Sustainability
College Services Magazine

Sweet Spot: Finding Common Ground Between Couriers and Parking Pros
Courier Magazine

Mobile Apps Revolutionize Municipal Parking
AOL Government Newsletter

IPI's Holiday Parking Tips on WJLS-TV, ABC News affiliate, Chicago, IL

Parking Options for Cities: Products and Advances in Technology Offer New Systems for Municipalities
Government Buyer Magazine

A High-Tech Revolution is Driving the Parking Industry
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Parking Smarter: Surge in Enrollment Demands Strategic Parking Solutions
Community College Journal

Building Parking Systems, Properly Designed, Can Save Developers Millions
Real Estate Law & Industry Report

IPI, IPI members, programs and the parking industry featured in Bloomberg Businessweek
Bloomberg Businessweek

Flag Transportation
Business Officer Magazine (Publication of National Association of University Colleges and Universities)

Passion for Parking
Airport Revenue News

Parking Matters: How New Technologies Help Law Enforcement Fight Crime, Control Crime and Boost Revenue
The Police Chief Magazine (Official publication of International Association of Chiefs of Police)

Parking Matters: The 14% Tenant - Managing Your Parking Asset to Boost Revenue, Save Money and Serve Your Customers
BOMA Magazine (Official publication of BOMA, Building Owners and Managers Association)


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