IPI offers a variety of resources that support and advance the parking profession and highlight the vital role of parking. These resources range from analysis of technology and implementation to human resources and professional development.

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Overview: What's Driving Change in Parking?

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IPI Social Media Marketing Guide for Parking Professionals
A new step-by-step guide for parking professionals, that will help you utilize social media to communicate with your customers and find new ones. Read about cutting-edge methods you can use on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help grow your business and improve customer satisfaction.

ADA Standards
Design and Construction of Accessible Buildings and Facilities

ADA Compliance
Requirements, Design, Equipment

Airport Parking
Airport Parking Strategies and Supporting Technologies

Business Development
Finance, Economic Development, PCI Compliance, Revenue Generation, Parking Monetization, Privatization

Case Studies
What worked at member institutions

Concrete, Repair, Precast, Garages

Hospital/Medical Center Parking
Operational Tactics for Medical Campuses, Technologies, Valet, Transit and Transportation

Technologies, LED, Fluorescent, Garage Lighting

Multi-space, Single-space

Municipal Parking
Municipal/City Parking Strategies, Transit Implications, Privatization, City Spotlights

Off-Street Parking
Security, MUTCD, Assessment Strategies, Lot Utilization

On-Street Parking
Enforcement, Vehicle Recognition, Smart Cards

Professional Development/Human Resources
Management, Workplace Environment, Project Management, Training, Customer Service

Safety & Security
Pedestrian Safety, OSHA Regulations, Cash Audits

LEED Accreditation, Transportation Demand Management, Electric Vehicles

New Innovations, Information Technology, Access & Revenue Control

University Parking
Strategies for College and University Campuses, Transportation and Transit, Campus Considerations

FHWA - Contemporary Approaches to Parking Pricing Primer

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