Ask the Experts - What is your fondest IPI Conference & Expo memory?

What is your fondest IPI Conference & Expo memory?


Linda Kauffman
Vice President of Industry Solutions
T2 Systems

I know I am dating myself, but I am sure other old timers will remember Miami … in either 1986 or maybe 1987. One of those harbor "cruise ships" planned to take us from the hotel areas to Viscaya Museum and Gardens. To show the size of IPI Conference & Expos  then vs. now, all of the attendees fit on the approximately 500 passenger boat. It was a short ride intended to allow for some mingling and a few drinks and light hors d'oeuvres. The main trip was to the gardens for a very nice reception and dinner. Midway through the trip, however, the ship got stranded on a sandbar. Two hours later, and thanks to a large speedboat, we were towed off the sandbar. Turns out the captain was imbibing as he commanded the ship.  The food was in short supply but the alcohol flowed as the ever-thinking and pleasing IPI staff opened the bar f to quell the grumbling. Happily, very few remember arriving at Viscaya, and buses were chartered to take us back to the hotel.


Dan Kupferman, CAPP
Business Development Manager

Walking into the Louisiana Superdome in 2004 and seeing the vendors expo on the "playing field." Seeing our industry's latest and greatest technology on display in a Super Bowl environment was fun and exciting. I could hear the announcer: "Here's the kickoff - Kupferman catches the spitter ticket at the 30 yard line. He stiff-arms a pay station at the 40. He's across mid-field. He hurdles a parking gate at the 40 … he … could … go … all…the … way! " What a way to start a conference!


Derek J. Kiley
WPS North America, Inc.

I am certain that many people working within our industry for a significant period of time would have the same response ... There are too many to select just one. Yep, that's the answer. There were too many to choose just one. Then again, I met Frank Sinatra once in Florida at an IPI event - oops check that - it was Jack "Buddy Love" Ricchiuto from Standard Parking.


Larry J. Cohen, CAPP
Executive Director
Lancaster Parking Authority

Since I have been fortunate to have attended more than 15 conferences over the years, there are many great memories of events and friendships. If I had to highlight one memory, it would be receiving my CAPP certification in Toronto and the honor of providing the speech for our graduating class.


Roamy R. Valera, CAPP
Vice President/Regional Manager
Standard Parking Corporation

As an industry veteran, I have had many fond memories of the IPI Conference & Expos , but one stands out in my mind. When in Orlando, an IPI group was invited for a back stage tour of the Magic Kingdom … that was impressive.


Art Noriega
Miami Parking Authority

I really miss New Orleans as our conference location. The sooner we can get back there the better. That city has a tremendous energy to it and is geographically convenient for most members from around the country.