Ask the Experts - What do you see as the best way to change any negative perceptions of parking?

What do you see as the best way to change any negative perceptions of parking?


Dan Kupferman, CAPP
Business Development Manager

"Why should I have to pay to park?"  "Why can't I find a space?"  Two common complaints that are obviously related, but most people don't know, and therefore don't consider the costs, time, and maintenance that go into providing a parking space.  If we tell people why, and explain how, they will be less judgmental.  Communicate, educate, and enlighten!  But don't forget to provide clean, safe, appropriately priced parking - otherwise you're fueling the fire.


Derek Kiley
WPS North America

Recognition of the value of ANY real estate property is paramount in user acceptance of paid parking transactions. Public awareness exists now.  The key to parker's acceptance of payment for "use" is offer reasonable parking rates based on fair incremental fees by the hour, instead of large up front flat fees found in many urban cores.


Rick Decker, CAPP
Assistant Manager, Parking Operations
Metropolitan Airports Commission
Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport

The best way to change negative perceptions of parking is to provide information that aligns the needs of the listener with the goals of the parking system.  There is no need to spin this information because a parking system's goals are to meet realistic desires of their customer.  While another goal of this information piece is to manage the expectations of the customer into the realm of what the parking system can provide, it can be done.


Roamy Valera, CAPP
Vice President / Regional Manager
Standard Parking Corporation

Negative perception is handled one interaction at a time and it requires a commitment level that starts at the top of the organization.  Every single interaction has the ability to influence how others perceive your organization.  Adopt a training program/initiative that deals with the "daily realities" of the job and make a commitment to deal with each opportunity with the highest level of customer services/customer relations.


Linda Kauffman
Vice President of Industry Solutions
T2 Sysytems

Part of the responsibility parking managers have is to better educate customers on parking and in specific, the need to control parking.  Most only see parking as either the ticket on the windshield or the booth attendant asking for money for the time the customer parked.  We need to do a better job explaining how parking is a vital part of Economic Development, how parking control is important in various settings, and an overall education/public relations effort on what the parking office or entity does for the community.   Often, cars out number available parking spaces and without proper controls, any availability would be taken away.  Without parking availability, conducting any business in a downtown environment, college campus, or airport would be virtually impossible.  EDUCATION is the key and an ongoing dialogue with all affected is paramount for success.