Allen Corry, CAPP — Public Representative

Parking Services Director, Town Of Greenwich

Allen Corry, CAPP

Allen began his parking career in 1999 at the Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech) as Associate Director of Parking and Transportation for six (6) years, where he was responsible for personnel leadership and management of over 11,000 revenue based parking spaces consisting of twelve parking facilities and a variety of surface parking lots.  For the past four years he has been serving in the position as Director of Parking Services for the Town of Greenwich, Connecticut.

His experience in strategic operations and planning of logistics, transportation and personnel management was acquired while serving in the United States Army for 30 years.  He has worked in senior managerial positions at GA Tech for eight years, the U. S. Army for well over twenty years and the Town of Greenwich CT for 4 years.  He has served on the Parking Association of Georgia Board of Directors and presently serves on the New England Parking Council Board of Directors. He has also been a member of the Advisory Council (formerly known as the Board of Advisors) for over four (4) years.

Allen has a Bachelors degree from Columbia College and a Masters degree from Webster University.  He is a class of 2003 CAPP graduate and currently serves on the Board of Directors of IPI.

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